Monday, March 31, 2008

The Family Stone

Kidney stones. They say they're like having a baby. HA. Nobody ever probably hugged a kidney stone. Don't imagine they have that "baby smell" - or at least the end of the baby that you like to smell. There are no redeeming qualities in kidney stones, so how can they be so much like children? Sometimes they keep coming back. Sadly, they also don't call you for no reason at all, but they do panic-call you at 3 am. Sometimes they're "stuck" on the way to their destination. Sometimes they crumble and sometimes they're hard as stone. You catch them as they fall. You try to prevent them from being offensive, irritating, and painful. They cost a lot of money. You look at them and you're proud of what you've accomplished (whew). I guess the similarities are endless, but there's no reason to love a kidney stone. You can, however, be grateful for the lessons both children and kidney stones teach you. This too shall pass....

R, I hope it's your last one. This one was almost as large as our last child.

Bless you for enduring both :) Drink up!
Tea today: Genmaicha (one of my top 10)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MJS says it best

"...Hold my feet to the fire, 'til I'm breaking a sweat, 'til I never forget Your calling, keep me in line, give me the nerve, it's All in the Serve...." Yep, that's life AND tennis"
~You did.
~It is.
Tea today - Stash Fusion Green & White