Saturday, April 25, 2009

Viva La Vida

This is one of my favorite songs, no matter what my mood. These kids aren't exactly Coldplay, but oh, did this rendition do my heart good after an exhausting day and all cozied up in my jammies by 8 pm. I just love their energy and spirit! Enjoy!
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Tea tonight: Green with ginseng and lemon


Beth E. said...

I agree! That was totally hot! Those kiddos can really sing! What a perfect way to end my day. :o)

How are YOU? How's Lucky doing?

Candy said...

Beth - He's failing a little more lately. Requires pretty much constant attention or he'll wander into the wrong room to do his business :( I don't think it will be much longer now. He still doesn't seem to be in pain, but we're giving him pills for his arthritis. He's certainly lost his precious personality, which is sad.

Billy Coffey said...

LOVE this song.

And I hope Lucky is okay.

Sarah said...

This is one of my favorite songs too and I had never seen this video- I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing, these kids have talent! =)


Stephanie Wetzel said...

I loved the kids' rendition of the song. Such a wistful song, kinda looking back. Yet sung by kids with the future ahead of them.

And I was so impressed by their harmonizing!

I'm sorry about Lucky. Saying goodbye is so heartbreaking. He's fortunate to have such a good hospice for his final days.

Beth in NC said...

Wow. Good job kids!

Helen said...

Those kids are awesome.

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