Saturday, February 21, 2009

TSMSS: Million Pieces

A cranked-up house-cleaning, soup-making song for today if I've ever heard one. One of my favorites!

Soup's on today: Chipotle 15 Bean, Loaded Baked Potato, and of course, Doggy Hospice Chicken Vegetable. (linky love especially for Elaine! (((hugs))))

Check out all the other great songs at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders!

Tea today: Genmaicha


Elaine said...

Awww, thank you so much. I am going to put that on the menu for next week. Sounds yummy, I even think my kids will eat it.

Beth in NC said...

I like this song and your food sounds YUMMY!!! I love your new layout too! The colors are peaceful. :o)

Have a great TSMSS!

Alix said...

Hey Candy... LOVE the new look. Awesome. Thanks for your encouragement on Casa Hice! I really will need you to kick my butt, thanks for offering. I'm really excited about having a goal and being motivated to reach it. I'd love to know more about your whole foods approach (you had a different word for it). I'm not sure I could ever be vegan (too extreme), but I would love to consider new ways of eathing healthy and make some permanent changes. Email me sometime at and we'll get a dialogue going.

Love and thanks.

Beth E. said...

Yes, you definitely were one of my first are a very brave person! LOL

Thanks for entering the contest I'm having...write a post about it and you'll get an additional entry.

Your new background is great...I really like it. Oh, and your menu sounds wonderful...if only my guys would eat beans!!! I love 'em but they don't. :o(

Have a great weekend, my friend!

Love ya

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