Monday, September 7, 2009

Seeing Random Red

Ron Burgundy and I went to a football game this weekend at the college where our "baby" is the head athletic trainer. The game wasn't pretty (as in, they lost badly) but it's always fun to see your kid work. To see those hard-earned college dollars that put you in the red, actually come to fruition, like wearing a red shirt and mopping up red blood.

How appropriate.

I came to the conclusion that this kid excelled in the course "1001 Ways to Be an Athletic Trainer Using your Mouth and Teeth." Apparently he forgot about our sizable investment in orthodontia back in high school. (Sorry for the ultra-grainy zoomed video)

1. You fill a bag with ice and suck the air out so it's easier to mold around a traumatized joint
2. You rip open a gauze pack with your teeth because your gloved hand is contaminated and who can rip paper with one hand?
3. You talk a lot, drink a lot of water, and carry a ginormous man bag (fortunately, not in your teeth).
4. You have never been able to kick that jock habit of chewing and spitting sunflower seeds.
(I'm sparing you the video - the spit was gross)

5. You show your pearly whites to the camera, while hugging your maw (who needs a haircut).
(And new tennis shoes).
To cap off the Labor Day weekend, I rode through the formerly verdant trails this beautiful fall afternoon and saw more red than I've ever seen before.
Except for this guy, who would have terrified me if he let go of his dinner long enough to fly my way.
Our Lord paints with a brilliant brush, doesn't He?

Tea tonight: White cantaloupe


Helen said...

You must be so proud of his accomplishment. I mean being an athletic trainer. Not opening things with his teeth. Although...

Alix said...

Indeed He does. And that's a lot of red, by the way.

I wish all your videos worked though... the first one did fine for me. The second and third were so "temporarily unavailable" that they immediately catapulted me into expanded versions of your lovely photography. (However, those sneakers must go!)

Love the photo of you and your boy, Candy. He's a good looking lad. AND, you're not so bad yourself.

sherri said...

Your son is gorgeous and very talented! Not everyone can use their teeth to benefit others.

Love the outdoor shots.

Wendy said...

Yes, but could he have used his teeth like that had it not been for the orthodontia?

Billy Coffey said...

Awesome, Candy. And I will say that I go through a bag of sunflower seeds on an almost daily basis, just so I have an excuse to spit.

Beth E. said...

Verdant...verdant??? Okay...lemme go get the

Beautiful pics, great videos, nice teeth, rockin' shoes!

Beth E. said...

Ohhhhh....GREEN! ;-) said...

How cool is that...he makes his momma proud!

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