Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Lucky One

Yeah, it's a song (what isn't?) but my puppy scared me today when I couldn't get him out of bed. He's getting old, and has some sort of canine dementia setting in. Usually he follows me around and does "laps" around whatever room I'm in. Today was different. Ronnie was gone early for a meeting, and Lucky just laid there. Quiet. Looking at me like he might have known me in a different life, but not right now. There was no moving him. "Treat," "Outside," and "See the bunny?" didn't faze him. So I left for work, praying that when one of us got home he'd be romping around the house and not even caring if he peed in the house, either. I just wanted him there one more day. By noon when Ron came back Lucky was again doing (limping) laps and (slipping) sprawls on the tile floor, and all was sorta well with the world. He is such a loyal friend. I want him around for one more blooming of the rhododendron. We've shared 13 of them. I'll take one at a time.

"Dog" is "God" spelled backwards. I'm glad they're both in my life.
Tea today: "Snow Water Green Cloud"