Friday, April 11, 2008

Matters of the Heart

Another Friday. Another day at work until 8 pm - how many of those in week can a woman take? But the exhausting week was made worthwhile someone I never even got to see today. He was one of the tough ones. One of those to whom we silently give the Cleopatra Award for being the "Queen of Denial " on his first day of cardiac rehab. We see that a lot with heart patients. His first day several weeks ago, we could barely get him to sit in his chair to do the initial interview. I took a risk with a stern heart-to-heart...."if you were MY husband...." Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't - it's usually a long shot. This time I hit pay dirt. He stayed. He came back. He kept coming back. He embraced profound lifestyle changes. He lost 40 lb. He smiled more. His skin even looked healthier. He smiled more (did I say that already? It's worth repeating). He was genuinely grateful for my initial hard-ball approach and for the expertise my colleagues imparted. And he became a teacher and health advocate for others in his shoes. Today he "flew the nest" to embark on his own new chosen path - with his Pilot. Thank you, D, not just for the plant (though it is beautiful), but for being a witness for health, kindness, honesty, and especially the Lord. You are one of those people I will never forget, and who has gently reminded me once again of my gratitude for diligent, brilliant colleagues and the healing power of faith. I prayed for you.

Tea today: The HyVee 75 cents/box stuff that's a Japanese import. Authentic flavor! An end-of-paycheck tea.