Saturday, April 19, 2008

Something's not right

Tired. Short of breath. Exhausted after running short errands. Pale, drawn-looking. Dark circles under sunken eyes. On again, off again chills. At least 6 hours today in bed, restless, yet unable to sleep; now in bed for the night. Says he feels "ok" but I can get "maybe not quite right" out of him. In my business, we call that a "poor historian" but I don't think he can really pinpoint what's wrong. I'm praying it's a healing process and that some good nutrition, plenty of hydration, and TLC will get him back on his feet again. It's just so out of character. He's always been the strong one. I'm feeling some fortuitous resignation on his part - something that I haven't seen in 37 years. Seems like he wants to be alone. Please join my prayers for healing, strength, and resolve. Isaiah 58:8.

Tea tonight: Numi Monkey King Jasmine Green (said to bring "joy of summer to every sip") - I hope so