Monday, August 18, 2008

Grow Old Along With Me...

"It seems like only yesterday..." Who would have thought that at age 22 I could actually make a decision I've never regretted? OK, so the ribbon sandwiches at the reception wouldn't have passed muster with many palates today. But it was the ultimate "wedding on a shoestring." I had second-thoughts about so many decisions before then (and if I'm honest, so many after that) - how can a person so emotionally and spiritually underdeveloped and malnourished, make a choice of a lifetime, and make the right choice? Well I did, with God in my heart guiding me to make decisions. I thought perhaps it was the fear of my father, but now I'm certain, it was the love of my Father that directed us to plan the marriage much more deeply than we planned the wedding. Happy Anniversary, Ron Burgundy. 35 years, 3 kids, lots of hair, a few teeth, and what seems like a ::blink:: later, it has been an honor to be your bride.
Tea today: Green with citrus and ginko


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary a few days late, however. You guys still look like your wedding photo. Oh wait, that IS your wedding photo! Godspeed. Deb

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for posting prayer and support on my blog. It means so very much to me.

Heidi Reed

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