Thursday, August 7, 2008

On Becoming my Mother

Other than my desk time at work, this was not a sitting day. It's no wonder I get tired by this time and want to curl up with my Bible, my puppy, and my iPod, in that order. It was Mom who taught me to wear out, not rust out. I'm trying to keep up with her, I guess.
  1. Up at 5:45
  2. Stretched and exercised back
  3. Ate grapefruit, peanut butter toast, tea
  4. Packed lunch (LOL- black currant yogurt, not much work there!)
  5. Showered and went to work (story for another post)
  6. Errands to Target and Walgreen's
  7. Drove home, changed clothes, walked an hour of God time
  8. Made 6 dozen ham balls for family reunion
  9. Finished cooking and freezing 4 qt of sweet corn (free - thanks Mary!)
  10. Cooked and froze 4 qt of green beans (free - thanks Mom!)
  11. Cleaned up the kitchen (ugh - lots of pans)
  12. Did my exercise ball, washed my face, and now I'm crashed in bed, short blog. I love my bed.
  13. Remembered I forgot to eat supper - oops. Mom wouldn't have forgotten that.
  14. Laid here feeling a bit like chopped liver (story for another post)
  15. Hi's me.....You knew that....

Tea tonight: left-over Genmaicha


Heff said...

Did you say your mother's name is Martha?? Holy cow lady, slow down!! And what's this I hear about you not going to Indy? We have so much to celebrate with all of our work together the past 3 years. The PAARRTTYY is Wed and Phil's bringing the champagne. We've waited for this moment for so long!! You WILL be there.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Can't be there, sorry. Take notes. And tip a bubbly for me. What matters is that we WON and we made it into LAW. How cool is that? We will no doubt be immortalized with a granite statue. Or should be :-)

laura said...

See you got re-twittered - yea! I'll twit you from Indy so you can join us, so to speak. I'm still hoping you'll only be across the room. Please reconsider? It will be an awesome celebration! lkh

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