Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fingerprints of God

This song reminds me of someone who warmed my heart this week (it was oh, so cold and spent this week!), because I can see how God has softened her heart. Warmed it. Blessed it.

Put His Fingerprints. All. Over. It.

He has worked through her in the most beautiful ways. I will never doubt that our perspective, heart, or mind can be transformed by His grace. Where there were prolonged whines, there are now simply factual statements that move on. Where there was scowling disagreement when compliments were given, now there is gratitude laced with humility. Where there was sadness and hopelessness, there are now new hopes and "just one more surprise" that push the darkness back to the old places where we refuse to go again. Where there were memories that caused despair and "whys??" there is now an appreciation for growth and understanding and "so whats?" Loneliness morphed into a blessed, prayerful solitude where we are never alone. There are new awakenings to life happenings that are in no way weird or strange or coincidental, but simply a vibrant new awareness to His presence and His plan. Living a life of "me" is gradually pointing toward serving others. "I can't" is now "I will." I prayed for this day for so long. I know how sometimes three steps forward means two steps back, but it still means one step ahead. I know. I've understood this in my own heart for a very long time. I'm so grateful and blessed with this transformation that oozes the love and mercy of our God who gave everything He had for her, knows her name, and claims her as His own. And everyone else sees it too.

Because that's just how God rolls.

Had I posted this a year and a half ago, it would have been Casting Crowns singing Does Anybody Hear Her? because she was "running a hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction." Thank you, Lord. You have rocked my world to tears today. And wow, do I love Colossians 3:15-17 at this moment.
Tea today: Young Hyson

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Lee Swanson said...

Dear Candy,

You’re so very digital… a blog, Twitter, a page for your dog, what else? I’m nowhere near a daily blogger – kind of stuck in the idea of a columnist, maybe once a week. Much of it was written while in chemo, and just filed away. So when I started the blog I had to organize the dates so they’d be in the right order.
Now you're my role model...
As ever

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