Sunday, September 28, 2008

I was right.

God did do something awesome today. I just returned from my walk around the neighborhood, around the neighborhood, around the neighborhood (that would be 3 laps). I have 86 podcast episodes on my iPod. Tonight I just happened to pick one of Craig Groeschel's sermons smack in the middle of the series "So You're Dead, Now What ?"(8/17/08) It made the walk perfect, but there was one line where God really spoke to me through him when he said " be absent in body is to be present in the Lord." So that's what this feeling is about! I'm definitely going to chew on that one a little more the next time I'm feeling like I've been feeling. Perhaps tonight. Yep, it's a sign. Heading to bed for another listen. It was that good.

Tea tonight: opting for the psyllium husks