Monday, September 29, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

I did not break the speed limit driving to work every day last week for the sake of just 10 more minutes of precious shut-eye. So much for hypermiling. Not to mention law-breaking.

I did not tell a group of friends that it was Ron Burgundy who should have gone to Doggy Kindergarten, and not the dog, so much. (Fortunately, he agreed).

Despite buying a container of Oxy pads for only a buck at the dollar store, I did not cut them in half to make them last twice as long like I did with the full-priced ones from Walm@rt. Cheap, cheap!

I did not throw every single piece of clothing I wore last week in a pile on my dresser (which eventually tumbled to the floor) rather than hanging it up. Nope. What kind of slob would do that? Nor did the clean laundry stay in the basket and dryer all week, unfolded (yes, it was the laundry from last week's post!). And who would restart the dryer twice to get the wrinkles out with every intention of folding it in the next few minutes, only to leave it there for another day? For shame.

I did not, in the throes of hunger and an empty refrigerator (since it died and everything was spoiled), resort to a desperate pantry/freezer concoction of whole wheat orzo, french green beans, peas, sun-dried tomatoes, and corn....and eat the entire thing. What self-respecting Queen of Culinary eats a combo such as that, with a dash of thyme?

I did not cry incessantly through every single praise song except one during the two church services I attended at two separate churches yesterday. Only blubbering emotional wrecks do that. Nope, that wouldn't be me now, would it? Some days I'm simply a meltdown on the move, just waiting to happen.


Robin said...

Cute post! I totally don't relate to any of it though...okay, maybe I do. The oxy pad thing? That would be great advice, if you had done that. I might just NOT try that myself!


Jennifer said...

I have the same wrinkly clothes on my post! LOL

Weeksie50 said...

That is the best cure for wrinkly clothes..

Michelle Riggs said...

Very funny. Great post.

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