Friday, October 31, 2008

Weather Fit for a Dog

They say animals know more than we think they do. If the truth is known, they probably know more than we do. Usually on nice days, Lucky likes to be outside for prolonged periods, but only if someone is within sight of him. Go around the house with the pruners in hand, and he's a barking, whining, canine fool.

But not yesterday. Or today.

By 0800 he knew it would be a beautiful warm fall day. He had already been outside 4 times. Either he didn't get his business done, or he forgot he'd been out. Whatever, he just stood by the back door looking back at me expectantly to let him out again,while I was perusing all the good wishes from him friends at Doggyspace. People who blog may have their quirks, but dogs who blog are really special. (OK, I know how stupid that sounds, but stick with me - see for yourself - he does!)

I let him out yesterday afternoon while I baked cookies (OK, now my friends think I've really lost it! Me? Cookies?). He literally sat in the yard, wandered the length of his cable, laid under the crab apple tree, sniffed the wind, pinned his ears back - for about 45 minutes. Today I made a chop-a-lot salad for an exciting tailgate tomorrow, and there he was again. Sniffing. Wandering. Lounging. For over an hour.

Thousands of thoughts went through my head as my Kitchen Aid twirled the dough, I chopped away (knuckles in perfect position) and I watched him from the kitchen window. Is he taking in these beautiful days, thinking they are among his last? Is he looking for the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge? Why is he so content out there all by himself for the first time ever in his long life? If I unhooked him from his cable, where would he go?

I couldn't risk that. He's nearly blind and deaf. But oh, how I wondered.

He knows I'm writing this. His nose is resting on my leg as I'm typing, almost as if he wants to tell me what to say.

Perhaps if I trim his nails, he can say it himself. I'm the Lucky One.

Tea today: White cantaloupe