Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Moses Saw

This fall has been the most beautifully leafed that I can remember in a long time - so much that I leave my bedroom blinds open so I can see this fabulous burning bush in the morning. God sure has a beautiful palette! When He called Moses to service with the burning bush, He certainly knew how to get his attention! (Gotta click on these photos for the full effect).

The vibernum by the pond are just starting to turn, so in about a week they will be a sight to behold (and yes, I'll move that jug of RoundUp before I snap another photo!). It's rare that I still have live water hyacinths at the same time the leaves are turning.

Please don't peek in my windows....I want to enjoy the few sunny mornings we have! And I won't mention how furious I am about those "30 year warrantied"shingles!

Tea tonight: Yogi Green with Echinacea