Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

I thought this weekend would never get here and finally the sun's out after an entire week of rain! Lots of lists to get to, but started out the day picking the lettuce that has been going crazy in my salad garden because of the cool temps and all the rain. It will take me all day to soak and clean this, and there's at least that much left out there to pick!

After pulling
a few weeds and arranging a few pond plants, I made a late breakfast. Just wasn't into toast and fruit today, but thanks to Katdish and her Twitterhea, I decided to make some oatmeal with goji berries, almonds, coconut and a drizzle of honey. It will stick to my ribs for a very long time. Oatmeal fills me up for half a day.

Now it's back out to the yard, errands to run, but had to leave you with a parting
shot of my fishies who are apparently in school today at the bottom of the pond. The water is crystal clear after Ron Burgundy cleaned it all out yesterday. There was no way to stop that beautiful reflection of the Hawthorne tree! And my creeping "whatevers" look better than ever this year,as does "Stella."

Isn't God just the greatest artist ever?

I spent some time with the neighbor boys who thought I needed ONE MORE FROG that he found down by the creek. Didn't have the heart to tell him he probably came from our pond to begin with. Then we had a little lesson on Lucky's grave, why and when puppies die and that it's all a part of the plan.

And then I wanted to have a little frog-catching, puppy-loving boy living at my house again. And a frog-loathing girl.... {sigh}

Tomorrow I will post about the best Father's Day present I ever got. Bet you can't guess what it is!

Tea today: Young hyson with some of the chocolate mint that is taking over the pond!


sherri said...

How come oatmeal doesn't last me the rest of the morning? I had a bowl, with honey, then 2 hours later ate 4 slices bacon and scrambled eggs. Now I'm munching on some Chex party mix.

Your photos are beautiful. They're making me hungry.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Oh for gosh sake, Sherri. That's stiletto hunger talking. Bacon? Eeewwww. And now I know who stole the last hidden bag of Chex Mix. Wait until you see dinner!

Helen said...

You have such lovely things in your garden.

Beth E. said...

What a beautiful post, Candy! And what is it about boys and their love of all things icky, slimy, dirty, and smelly? The years Bo was 3-4, he loved nothing more than to fill a bucket with dirt and earthworms. He called them "slermers". LOL Anyway, he'd carry that bucket around wherever we went. Strange, I know. LOL

Alix said...

Candace Jean... I'm so envious of your salad garden! I am barely limping along with an herb garden. Some days I water it too much, some days I forget to water it. You'd think the water thing would just even itself out and aggregate itself, right? Nah. APPARENTLY plants need care and that is difficult when you have two black thumbs such as I. Still, I soldier on. It's nice to go clip some basil or flat leaf parsley or - dare I say it... mint?

God definitely IS the best artist around. And I thank him every day for the beauty (if not the herbs) he so abundantly blesses me with every day.

So happy to see you up and around. I love ya!

Billy Coffey said...


And know what? I STILL like frogs.

Great post, Candy!

Wendy said...

Uh, Candy? There's some green stuff in your sink.

So, why doesn't any of my garden look like yours?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

@ Wendy - two words, Black. Iowa. Dirt. Oops, that was three. There could possibly be some ChemDog involved in the growth as well.

@Alix - just a little sprinkle every evening, and don't forget to talk to them!

Julie said...

I found you from Billy's blog. This is my first Father's Day without my father. He died Feb. 25th. I just wanted to say, "I understand"... the aches of your heart... I have them too!

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