Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Chuckie

Copping out with an old Father's Day post. Because nothing has changed between you and me since then. Except I'm drinking cheap tea today.

I miss you, Dad!

Forgot to tell you about my Father's Day present - Ron Burgundy bought me a new camera - a Canon something-or-other. Need to read the instructions yet. I just love it! Perhaps my slamming the old one against the wall too many times gave him the hint. Hopefully you'll notice fewer blurry photos and a bit more color. Woo Hoo! I told him he could use it as his Father's Day present, too.

Tea today: Green with lemongrass and spearmint


Boozy Tooth said...

Sweet! said...

What a handsome Daddy!

Praying for you today as you miss him so dearly.

Wendy said...

Went back and read your post. Made me cry. Thanks for that. I hope you have good memories today.

Annie K said...

That was awesome Candy, and I'm sure he' waiting patiently to see you again!

Beth in NC said...

So sweet Candy. All I need is more tears today. :o)

Billy Coffey said...

I'm sure he's smiling down on you, Candy.

I'm just wondering how you can rate getting a present from your husband and then telling him it's his Fathers Day present, too. That would SO not go over with me!

Candy said...

@ Billy - just wait until my next post. He totally submits and is sweet and adorable. And oh yeah, and I wear the pants (not that he wears skirts....but that just gave me another post idea - thanks!)

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