Monday, June 22, 2009

Praying on Wheels

It was one of those days - I felt like I was the complaint department, a procrastinator, and a whipping post, all rolled into one. I started out the day with a delightful to-do list, and by 5:00, a half-hour after alleged quitting time, I multitasked quickly, eating my leftover yogurt, berries, and granola leftover from lunch at my desk. And stared blankly at the list with not one thing crossed off.

I apparently got paid to work a day for which I had nothing to show except a few satisfied people. So in reality, I worked with all my heart.
It had to be good enough, because I could work no longer.

I needed a bike ride -
badly. Quiet time, away from my phone, my computer, and out in the beautiful sun that kept peeking through the window of the exercise lab while all the patients moaned "how dad-gum hot it is out there."

Grabbing my stuff, I hopped in my car. This was going to be one cool ride.
Surely a bike ride would be better than the first 10 minutes in a car that was probably 120 degrees, because this is what my thermometer said it was like outside. It was only a few months ago that same thermometer read -21 degrees! For certain, I had not had enough water yet today.

I hit the bike trail and listened to
Louie Giglio, then Fee, then a little Andy Stanley. And I rode up to my favorite place, the labyrinth. I love walking through there and praying, and recalled how many times I've done that in the past few years, and trying to recall what was weighing on my heart at the time. Whatever it was, it had passed.

It was usually one of the kids. It's always at least one of the kids. Because you never stop worrying about them and you pray for them incessantly.

Other than the rocks in my bike sandals, it's such a peaceful place to be. One foot in front of the other.

Time escaped me, as it often does when I'm lost in prayer, song, and scripture lessons. I headed
back a little later than I had intended. The darkness doesn't scare me, but an empty water bottle and feeling like I had a blood sugar of about 30 does. My yogurt wasn't sticking to my ribs much at this point. And yes, it was very, very HOT.

I pulled into our neighborhood weak, tired, dehydrated, but feeling much more peaceful than when I left home. Sometimes I pray very hard for people in my life to see things the way I think that God wants them to see. Or maybe for them to just view circumstances with another set of eyes. To have faith in God's vision for their lives rather than their own vision. To let go of the plans they have and to submit to His plan. And in the process to stop and thank Him for a sunset that you might have missed if you hadn't been paying attention.

How many sunsets have you missed without paying attention to them? He painted them just for you, you know.

Tea tonight: are you kidding me?? Water, water, banana, shower, and bed! No tea for me!


Wendy said...

So, it was a rough day then? Glad you got to spend some special time at the end of it. Cool labyrinth!

sherri said...

Beautiful Candy, the post and pics.

And I feel the same about the's ALWAYS one of them heavy on my heart too! (my kids, not yours)

We have the same horrible heat here, but I don't venture outside unless I'm on the back of the Harley with the wind in my face to cool me down! Which is where I've started noticing the beautiful sunsets and landscape that so connects me with THE CREATOR.

Lindy said...

What a lovely post! We have some awesome sunsets at our place this time of year and they truly are God's masterpieces. Hope your week goes well.

Alix said...

You amaze me, Candy. I wish I were a Prayer Warrior like you. Either I'm way too selfish, or way too ADD. Maybe both, but I just stumble and stutter and drool all over myself when I should be deep in contemplative concentration. My favorite place to pray (when I can manage it) is in the shower and while exercising. When I'm not plugged into my iPod I can get some serious prayer accomplished. Well, serious for me.

As loquacious as I am with the written word and conversational word, I sure can skimp on prayer. I need to work on that. But you know what? Sometimes I feel good just looking up into the beautiful sunny sky and just saying "Thank you Lord."

That covers a lot of gratitude.

Love you. Have a great day.

katdish said...

I really need to start waking up earlier and just go or a walk with God. That's my special time. Thanks or the reminder.

Annie K said...

I love the sunsets and I see some pretty spectacular ones from my deck. It's kind of like God's way of saying 'here's a little something to finish off the day. From me.'

Keep showing pics of Iowa, I love seeing where you live.

Billy Coffey said...

Don't take this the wrong way Candy, but I never realized Iowa was so pretty. I just thought it was flat with a lot of corn. I love your pictures, and I loved this post.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

@Billy - as much as I complain, err, I mean comment... about the extremes in weather, I think that's what I love most about it here. The green is so green, the black dirt is so black, the snow is so white, the fall colors are fabulous, and with the change of seasons, every season is my favorite season! Our version of the beach is a sand bar on the Mississippi, but I do love some ocean now and then. We just have no mountains :(

Helen said...

I am glad you had some time with God at the end of the day to recoup.

Beth E. said...

What beautiful scenery! The labyrinth looks like such an interesting place.

Oh, and anytime you want to see mountains you can come to visit ME. :-) said...

your post has left me feeling more peaceful.

That labyrinth looks amazing.

Glad you survived and actually came out on top of things.

Take care of you. :)

p.s.ive been meaning to tell you, my family is from Dubuque Iowa.

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