Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Hummus Among Us

I've had precious little time to cook this week, and seemingly even less time to eat. Lunch meetings, on the road, tons of little things to do that challenge my ability to pay attention to anything for a prolonged period of time. Which means, I don't think we sat down for a meal once this week. Lots of salads, nuts, beans - all the stuff the most carnivorous husbands don't like much.

Especially mine. Don't get me wrong, he'll eat anything. It's just that he likes himself a little meat and p
otatoes now and again. Last night I thawed and sliced a frozen grilled chicken breast and threw it on his salad. "There's your meat for the week, honey."

Today he's at a meet
ing, I've been pin-balling amongst my to-do list items of Craigslist and eBay item listings, correspondence that is long overdue, and cleaning out the pantry and freezer, trying hard to ignore the banter and hype and lust of the Palm Pre that bombarded me from the moment I woke up today from my bloggy and Twitter friends.

Because I really, really want one.

But I really don't need one.

I do need to eat, however, so the good Lord provided a distraction when I found an overstock of garbanzos that literally cried out "Pulse me, blend me, any way you want me..." I've been eating hummus all week since it's a quick and dirty way to eat, so why not continue? No dishes, no prep (well, once, quickly), easy to eat in the car.

Wednesday it was spinach artichoke. I think it's my very favorite. I munched on it the rest of the week.

And after today, I may need a new food processor. (But I still want a Pre).

By noon I had made a yummy chipotle hummus, a fresh lemon hummus, and a roasted pepper/sundried tomato/pine nut hummus masterpiece. I cleaned out the freezer of my
frozen pitas and made a boatload of whole wheat and oat bran pita chips. There are neatly labeled containers filling the fridge with four kinds of hummus, two drawers of fresh veggies, and not one smidgen of meat.

When Ron Burgundy returns tonight, he will open the delightfully full fridge and say "Don't we have anything to eat?"

And on the Eighth Day, God created the Pre hummus.

Tea today: Genmaicha
(Photo: Photobucket, but a Pre would have taken a nice one)


vanilla said...

Interesting. And eat what you like. But where, Dear Candy, does this leave you when Ron Burgundy decides he needs to be spending several evenings a week at the Texas Roadhouse?

Helen said...

Dear Candy,
Have you ever considered starting a vegetarian cooking blog. I am a carnivore at heart, yet the vegetarian food you describe sounds delightful.

Candy said...

@vanilla - Trust me, I'm sure he sneaks by the likes of Texas Roadkill, err...Roadhouse on a regular basis.

@Helen - Heck, I can't even update this blog in a timely fashion! And there are sooo many good food blogs out there already anyway. As of today, I'm about to start a "How to sell Beanie Babies" blog though. WHERE DID THESE COME FROM??

Beth E. said...

So, how 'bout a recipe? The spinach-artichoke hummus sounds really good!

Helen said...

If you don't want your own food blog, how about guest posting on Paprika is Good, But Not in Coffee?

Boozy Tooth said...

Mmmmmmm..... I LOVE hummus. I like using garbanzos in as much stuff as I can, but I have not yet made my own hummus from scratch. I know it's easy and I know it's better from scratch - but I just haven't done it.

Recipes please?

Candy said...

@ Alix, et al.
Stop on over to Paprika is Good, but Not in Coffee as my Spinach Artichoke hummus is there on my friend Helen's blog. Want the others recipes? Shoot me an email and tell me which ones!

vanilla said...

Please keep me informed about the "Beanie Baby" how-to-sell blog. (See my post June 1)

katdish said...

Do you know what goes good hummus?

A ham sandwich (and obscene amounts of Chex Mix.)

Sherri Murphy said...

Hummus sounds fabulous!

But I'd have to have a hunk of meat somewhere on my plate!

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