Monday, December 29, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

First and foremost, I did not have a wave of panic when baby Stellan was hospitalized over the weekend with an apparent upper respiratory infection. But within minutes, I also did not feel a genuine peace that God would keep him safe, as He indeed did.

I did not pack up a dear friend's birthday present (actually Ron Burgundy packed it up) and send it home with my daughter by accident. I'm late for her birthday anyway - and now the present is 100+ miles away. But as a wonderful Godwink, who needs the Serenity Prayer inscribed on a bracelet more? Apparently KT.

I did not scrub my face with a Scotch-brite pad yesterday morning, because there was simply nothing else that would do. And nothing screams smo-o-o-oth like my favorite All-Clad non-stick skillet.

I did not make my paranoid 83 year-old mother think she was getting a computer for Christmas by dropping every hint imaginable, even wrapping her much-needed/wanted hassock in a huge Dell computer box. She absolutely refuses to have anything to do with anything electronic other than her "off the rack" cell phone which she doesn't know how to use. She has threatened to disown the entire family if they place a computer in her presence. Personally, i think she'd dominate the Hawkeye Nation chat rooms and would have 3487590 Facebook friends.

I did not make a New Year's resolution list. I just don't do that anymore.
Wait, whose is this? Caught by the resolution fairy again.
  1. Become fit and trim with arms like Felicity Huffman by May 16th. The "flesh flags" may be an obstacle.
  2. Find a way to pony-up and update the ol' wardrobe. Seriously folks, I'm a fashion disaster. I haven't purchased anything new to wear in over two years. Hadn't been to the mall in about that long, and only went there last week to buy the obligatory underoos for Ron Burgundy's Christmas present. They had the nerve to rearrange the store while I was gone!
  3. Get up just a bit earlier every day (which may entail going to bed earlier the night before). Need more quiet God time.
  4. Get caught up on my "Bible in a Year." According to that, it's only December 5 today.
  5. Teach Ron Burgundy how to cook. And budget. LOL. ROFLOL. I can dream, can't I?
  6. Learn Adobe Premiere Pro so I can edit my own videos. Independently. (This will be a trade-off for #5)
  7. Maintain my LDL in the 70's. So far, so good, but it's not yet even January.

If I can't do 6 things in 12 months, then there's always next year.

I did not use this purrfectly feline fur ball as an excuse to not take down the Christmas tree this weekend. She owns that tree. Don't mess with her.

Tea today: Chinese flower


-stephanie- said...

your not me's had me rolling. are you trying to kill your mother? poor lady... :o) soooo have kids from the late 70's early 80's.

thanks for the scotchbrite idea. I've been bummed ever since they got rid of the BufPuf.

and your cute. Our cat hangs out under the tree too.

The Mom said...

I had underoos!! Ugh and my face is so dry I need a sandpaper to smooth this baby out!

Barrie said...

The resolution fairies are messing with me too! Fun post!

katdish said...

First, let me just say that I am so stinkin' impressed with your blog! It's just beautimus! How is Baby Stellan? I'll make a deal with you -- why don't we nominate each other for "What Not To Wear"? Have you seen that show? Sure, the 360 degree mirror would most likely be demoralizing and humiliating, but 2 grand to spend on a new wardrobe and a weekend in New York can't be all bad, right?

And, oh...I'm totally stealing your NeoCounter widget. I dig it the most! (Am I reminding you of your daughter?)

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

scothbrite? really? whodathunk?

Your notme...funny stuff. I challenge you ANYDAY for the most fashion challenged award. seriously. it is bad here. but I am a survivor. ;)

Love your resolutions. gOnna try the get up earlier one. Definitly need more quiet time with God.

lots of love to you!


Beth E. said...

This is hilarious! You've been a busy girl this

Thanks for the laugh. :o)

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