Saturday, December 6, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays: The Peace Carol

I'm going retro with the only song that seems appropriate for my day: John Denver and the Muppets sing "The Peace Carol." (Sorry, no video embedding was available; scroll down to turn off my playlist). We had the album (yes, the vinyl kind) when the kids were little and my eldest son would cry whenever he heard this song, even as young as 2. And every year hence. I pray he gets his passion for the Lord back in his heart like he had back then. The kind that brings him to tears.

I'm still banking on the fact that this song would make him cry nearly 30 years later. I know it makes my tears flow.

Tea today: Organic green with citrus, Harney & Sons

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Beth E. said...

What a touching song. I have vinyl albums of John Denver, too! :o)

I'll be praying for your son.

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