Saturday, December 20, 2008


I really need to be getting ready for Christmas. For some things, it's almost too late.

Like baking cookies. Thanks, Mom, you got me covered. Check.

Like shopping. Don't know what to get most of my kids and can't find the stuff on the list for the one who actually gave me ideas. Uncheck.

I'm using Ron Burgundy's computer that has fingerprints on the monitors and food in the keyboard and it takes me twice as long to type anything. Check.

Oh yea, my laptop died and I need to take it in for diagnostics. Now. Uncheck.

I got the Chex Mix made. There's one thing done for the holidays. Chex.

The tree is up. Two things done. Check.

There are no ornaments on it. Uncheck.

I really miss my dad today. Big check.

My dog is sad. He really doesn't feel well today at all. Hang in there, boy. The Bridge isn't ready for you yet. And I'm not ready for you to go. But in true Godwink fashion, I just now got an email from the Rainbow Bridge Kids at Doggyspace. Check.

So this is a quick post as I'm off to the shower, then to the computer saviour (I hope) and then back home to decorate the tree. I will church alone tonight. Check. Tears. Double check.

Ron Burgundy went to a memorial service for the mother of a childhood friend, and I intended for this to be an extremely productive day. I'll check back later and see. Perhaps I'll even comment on my own post.

Thank you, Jesus, for getting me through this day. Check.

Tea today: Bigelow green with pomegranate. Check.


Elaine said...

Oh my heart ached when I read this post. I can really relate. Listen to your song that I am listening to now. He never lets go.....The light is coming.

We are baking tomorrow it is never too late. I am praying for you.


Elaine-drinking some wierd healthy liver tea.. =)

Beth E. said...

Hang in there,'ll accomplish everything that needs to be done, and that other stuff...just chuck it!

This Christmas I've had to let go of a lot of things I usually do. I thought I'd be disappointing people, too, by not getting everything done. Guess what? They don't care about the STUFF...they want ME! Who woulda thunk it? So, Candy, I say to you, "Don't worry about the STUFF. Just give your family YOU." I can't imagine a better Christmas gift. :o)

Love and prayers...

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

It's tough, isn't it? And yet I still find myself forgetting to check off that last important item.

Thank you for the reminder this busy season. I hope yours gets a little easier each day.

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