Friday, January 2, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Friday's almost over - can I squeeze in my Quick Takes, Jennifer? Click on over to Conversion Diary for my inspiration!

The process of dismantling the house after Christmas was a snap. Mainly because it was never "mantled" in the first place. A tree. Three stockings. And two other decorations. Voila. Now that was easy! Perhaps next year someone will remind me around December 1 that Christmas is coming, and it won't sneak up on me so fast.

And a two.
Have you ever thought out a great blog post, even down to picking out some really trendy and thought-provoking words, only to totally forget what you were going to post about? Yeah, me neither. Trust me, it was really good. Unfortunately it was about 3 am and the idea totally left me by the time I went back to sleep and woke up again. Perhaps, to dream....

And a three.
I shopped today for a "Mother of the Groom" dress. Ugh. Aaaarrggghhh.

Store lighting=washout.
Me in underwear in the mirror=frightening.

Yes, I have become my mother. Every dress I saw was befitting of an elderly, frumpy MOTG, which I refuse to be. The MOTB got a great dress. No panic yet, but about the middle of April I may be asking you to email me links to some possibilities in the inaugural "Blog 911 Fashion Emergency."

And a four.
Ron Burgundy and I have been digging through and organizing nearly 30 years of videos and burning DVDs to prepare something for the upcoming wedding, and to make a video tribute to Lucky when he goes to the Bridge. In the process we have seen darling children, dorky tweeners, rebellious teenagers, cocky young adults and every mood possible. We've seen horrible hair styles and clothes that would shame a clown. Earrings (on the boys) and hats (on the daughter). Tennis and track. Football and basketball. The most precious and heart wrenching of all? Probably the dog.

Never once did he say "Dad, shut that thing off!"

And a five.
Ahh, Friday night supper. Ron Burgundy insisted on HyVee deli meatloaf (gag, choke, spit). I preferred to have pistachio crusted scallops. I knew what was in my dinner because I fixed it. His was mystery meat. I win.

And a six.
My last haircut was in August. I'd like to say something noble like I'm saving for Locks of Love, but I'm sure they wouldn't take this many different shades of old highlights. I will get to the hairdresser next week if it kills me. I no longer have "getting ready for Christmas" as an excuse.

And a seven.
I'm really frustrated with my "Bible in a Year" project, and I'm only two months into it. I don't give up easily, and hope to continue plugging away, but I'm getting dazed and confused, not to mention many days behind. The Bible can do that to you. So today I ordered "The Story" so I can make a valiant attempt at better understanding of God's Word - "one seamless story from beginning to end." Pray for me, please? I really want to understand it in my head as much as I feel it in my heart.

Tea tonight: Harney & Sons Organic Green


Elaine said...

I love your friday posts. My mom had a hard time finding a dress, then the perfect one came around, you will look great...

Beth in NC said...

LOL ... I love your posts. Too cute! I hope we see pics of your MOTG dress! And I agree -- seeing yourself in those 3 way mirrors under florescent lighting is cruel. It depresses me!

You really sound like you over-decorated at your house (ha)!

And don't be discouraged about your bible in a year plan. I'm sure you can do it (though I've never attempted it). >;-)


Sherri said...

I loved this post!

I decorate EVERY ROOM in my house (see my post, "Merry Christmas from my house to yours"). I have two LARGE trees, then smaller ones in every room throughout.
It all seems great UNTIL New Years day when I start dismantling!
Remind ME next year that EVERY room DOESN"T need to be decorated!

As far as the bible thing goes, I've tried reading it through in a year also, and maybe it's just me because I'm NOT a structured person, but after a few days, I felt like I was defeating my purpose- my motive was more like , "I MUST read this section, or I'll be behind", instead of, "God, speak to me today through your word, ANYWHERE!"
I can't boast that I've read it through in a year, but I think it would be safe to say, that at my age and growing up in church and through my own bible readings, that I have read EVERY scripture, just not in sequence.

Right now I can't get out of the book of MATTHEW--fascinated by Jesus' words and how he handled sinners and religious leaders---some GREAT lessons for us there!

Goof luck with your new haircut! ANd MOGD!

Sherri said...

That was supposed to read "GOOD LUCK", not GOOF luck. (I'm hope that was not a sign!

Beth E. said...

Since you've already put away all of your decorations and even BRAGGED about it (haha), I think you should march yourself (well, DRIVE yourself) over to my house and help me put away all of MY decorations! lol

Regarding #5...I'm impressed that you ate YOUR dinner, KNOWING what you were eating!!! Scallops...ewww. :-p

I have never been disciplined enough to participate in the "Bible in a year" concept, either. I sort of feel like Sherri (above).

I hope you don't have GOOF luck with your hair. I got a good laugh out of that one, Sherri! :o)

Keep us posted on the MOTG dress. I think you should go to a really trendy know, for teens...pick out a teeny, tiny mini dress, funky jewelry, dye your hair pink, and cause everyone's eyes to bug out of their heads when you show up for that wedding! I guarantee that NO ONE would call you "frumpy!" lol

This was a great post. I've had lots of fun reading it and commenting. :o)

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