Friday, January 16, 2009

Spinning class

The Bladder Bell awakens me this morning, and as my weary down, cat, and dog-covered bones reach the floor I realize....the room is moving at warp speed and I'm not going anywhere any time soon.

Ugh. Labrynthitis. The word would usually conjure up wonderful thoughts, but the only thing it was conjuring up at that point was last night's dinner.

I've been here before. It blindsides you on a Friday morning for no reason at all, other than it can.

I send Ron Burgundy on a scavenger hunt to find me a meclizine, which I haven't needed in years. Which means it's probably out of date if he does find it. "Might be yellow, might be orange, look in the vitamin cupboard...." as my bed becomes my own personal tilt-a-whirl.

He returns with a handful of pharmaceutical unknowns that only a nurse would have on hand. And as I search his palm, the pills are spinning wildly like the vintage Asteroids game gone bad. But I know a meclizine when I see it and there was none to be seen.

Note to self: keep the stuff labeled next time.

He finds a blister pack deep in the cabinet with 3 left. I'm certain they were part of the Y2K preparation, but I take one anyway. Then a couple hours later, I take another. He brings me Naked Pomegranate Blueberry juice in my lame attempt to antioxidize the bugs away.

Second note to self: don't drink dark red juice when the room is moving.

He goes off to teach class. And I do the army crawl to get to the bathroom. There is no other way. Not without a head injury.

I doze off and on, and I take the last pill. The last old, outdated pill. I call the pharmacy to see if they have any OTC, but of course not (small town, small pharmacy). I call my doctor who in his sweet, infinite wisdom does not insist I make an office visit to get a prescription. He knows me. He does not like to be thrown up on. Stay away, Candy, stay far, far away.... He called in the prescription.

And within 45 minutes I have the real, full-strength stuff, doze off for an hour and a half, and awaken with the ceiling fan no longer flying across the room. It's actually still, like it's supposed to be in -40 degree weather.

I walk to the bathroom, using the wall as my guide.

Third note to self: busy wallpaper and labrynthitis do not make good company.

Second "real" dose, and within 30 minutes I'm a new woman. Not my best (read: bedhead, dog breath) but I can navigate to the kitchen, feed my puppy, grab a yogurt, and go back to bed with a great book.

God often tells us to be still, and sometimes we don't listen until WHUMP, he blindsides you on a Friday morning.

I got the message, thankyouverymuch.

Tea tonight: Green with pomegranate


Beth E. said...

I had my own personal vertigo experience this past summer. The alarm went off, I rolled over in bed, sat up very quickly, and....fell flat on my face in the floor!!! Didn't throw up, but couldn't turn my head to either side without major tilt-a-whirl action and extreme nausea.

As long as I kept my head upright, looking straight ahead, and got up or sat down veeeeery slooooowly, I was okay. Slept like that in a recliner for a week before it calmed down! To this day I sleep better in a recliner than in the bed. Never did go to the doctor. It was a horrible experience!!!

I'm so sorry you were hit with that...especially on the weekend. I'll be praying for you. Feel better soon!

Amy Wyatt said...

Sorry if you tried to link up for TSMS. Mr Linky is down. Please keep checking back to post later if you can.

Gitz 'n Jo said...

Oh, girl... I am FLOODING you with empathy right now and glad it was relatively short-lived. But I so understand that during those short-lived, gone in a day moments, it feels like nothing will be simple and calm again.

Yea for real meds... and for Ron who obviously wanted nothing more than for you to feel better :)

Sherri Murphy said...

Bless your heart!

Glad that is over .

Cause we need you well so you can continue making us smile with your witty writings! :)

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