Monday, January 12, 2009

My Blog is Fabulous? Seriously? Woo Hoo!

My friend Beth in NC has blessed me with the Fabulous Blog Award! Wow, this is a first! Stop on over to I AM HEADING TOWARDS MY DESTINY to see hers. She never disappoints!
I feel like I need to clean my blog because company will be coming! But alas, as a recipient, I am required to confess 5 things I am addicted to, then pass this award along to 5 other fabulous bloggers. While this is humbling for some of the previous winners, it will indeed show you how boring I am. But let it be known how honored I am! Thank you, Beth!

So let's get started - the 5 things I'm addicted to and can't live without (blogging is a given, so I can't fairly include it):

1. My red grapefruit every morning

2. Green tea

3. Acai juice (are we sensing a food theme yet?)

4. Crawling into a made bed. If it's unmade at bedtime (and it usually is - story for another post), I will make it before retiring for the night. Sometimes this requires evacuating Ron Burgundy.

5. Sermon podcasts. Thoroughly convicted by Pete Wilson's "Baggage" series. You will be too. Check. Him. Out.

I'm passing this most prestigious award on to some of my favorite bloggers!
  • Elaine, at Matters of the Heart (gives more "green things" on Facebook than I know what to do with and has precious children!)
  • Beth E at Outnumbered, Three to One (only woman I know who can get a teenage son to do ANYTHING!)
  • Stacy from Louisville (not like this babe needs more love, I'm just sayin'...)
  • The Mom Jen at Cheaper than Therapy (wow, and it really, really works!)
  • katdish at Hey Look, A Chicken! (I think she's really a daughter of mine in a former life, and I can hear my own daughter as she reads this...."Be afraid, be very afraid....")
Enjoy their blogs, and thanks again, Beth in NC!

Tea today: Hibiscus Honey Lemon Green (Hawaiian Islands Tea Company - thanks Lynn!)


Vodka Mom said...

Green Tea and acai berry? Are you on the same diet I am?????

and the grapefruit?? Yeah, we are twins lately.

Beth in NC said...

You are too cute! You're welcome. Enjoy your award!


The Mom said...

Aw you are too sweet! Congrats to you and thank you for thinking of me! ;)

Becoming Me said...


katdish said...

Well, Candy! What can I say? Two awards in as many days...

First Sherri's husband awards me first prize in a picture caption contest (incidentally, when the competition is really tight, a veiled drug reference is usually a safe bet), then I come over here to be serenaded by Matt Redman and to be told that I am - if fact - fabulous. Since you already received this honor, that eliminates you. And frankly, if I don't give an award to each of those goofy broads that always comment on my blog, they'll never speak to me again! (Wait - they don't come over here do they? -- DANG!)

And BTW - your addictions look like my new year's resolutions list. (If I made one, that is.) And I know I've probably mentioned this, but I'm quite sure your daughter totally rocks! Cyberhugs!

katdish said...

I was so excited about the award I forgot to give you the three column plan in 5 words or less:

Are you ready?: email Hucklebuck!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I agree with Beth...Your blog is fabulous! I love the colors. Too pretty.

Thanks for visiting me! I hope you have a great day!

Beth in NC said...

Your comment is too funny. I don't have the Sherry -- it was for my parents and it lives at their house. Ha.


Have a blessed night!

Beth E. said...

I had to pop over and let you know that your comment on Liz's blog had me laughing! "...we had to resort to beer." Too funny, girl!

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