Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

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This was not the most doggoned weekend we've ever had around here. Well, it will be the most doggoned until's gone :( (Lucky, if you're reading this, we're in no hurry!! Now get back to your Doggyspace page!)

We did not stay up until 3 am Sunday sorting through and editing video of our DOG. All you bloggin' mama's out there, have pity on us empty-nesters (actually, we know you're envious...). We blog about DOGS! We could blog about kids, but seriously, we want you to be caught off guard like we were. And if when you come to cry on our shoulders, we'll be there for you.

In the same vein, I did not take my largest stockpot and 3 hours out of my day to make a huge batch of turkey vegetable soup FOR MY DOG as the sous chef of this doggy hospice we're running here. The vet said it was time to send him to the Bridge when he quits eating, so we're fixing him his last requests. He refuses to eat dog food. We are not sick of that 24 lb, 4 legged turkey from Christmas, anyway. (And we did not chuckle to ourselves that this just might be a bad joke and this home-cookin' will bring this dog around and the joke's on us).

I did not lose my Bible. My precious written-in-the-margins, marked-up, dog-earred Bible. I take it nowhere except church and home, so where, oh where can it be?? It's very difficult to keep up with my Bible in a Year online. I have others, but they just aren't the same.

That's not all - the entire week/weekend was devoted to canine home nursing and I'm exhausted. Now that we're back to a regular week, my post (perhaps) will be more interesting next Monday.

Happy New Year!
Tea tonight: Jasmine


-stephanie- said...

I did everything for my dogs too.

Praying your Bible shows up.

Elaine said...

Praying that bible shows up. Love that you do so much for the doggie, I was like that too. I can not even bring myself to get attached to the one's we have now.

sherri said...

I did NOT spend almost an entire day on the computer although a dirty house was begging to be cleaned!

sshhh, don't tell Big AL!

Hpe your week starts out much better.

Beth E. said...

Awww...I'm praying that you find your Bible! I guess you called the church to see if anyone had turned it in?

Praying for your doggy, too.

Beth in NC said...

Awwww your poor doggy. I'm sorry! I know how pets can really feel like family!

And I really pray you find your bible. I would feel lost without mine. Even if I don't know the scripture reference, I can remember what my notes look like -- or how it is highlighted.

Keep us posted.


Beth E. said...

Yep...had those shoes on the wrong feet! lol In my defense...well, as much as possible...I was wearing "slides." I had just quickly slipped them on, never realizing what I had done!

I guess what I was trying to justify was eating a muffin! I love pumpkin. :o)

katdish said...

Aw, he's still hanging on. I'm glad that he made it through the Christmas holidays to see the kids. My heart is breaking a little, though. Enjoy your time with him.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

We had a cat that was on his deathbed. We started giving him tuna fish with cheese sprinkled on top and he lived seven more years!

I hope your dear pet makes a turnaround. :)

Annie K said...

I am so attached to my Boz-Dog (and he thinks I walk on water, I'm sure). My husband just rolls his eyes, but my dog is so dang cute and he's just my little bud. What can I say? ;)

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