Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Power Bars for Power Boy

Ever since Ron Burgundy took up his 5 am Xtreme Kickboxing class, he's actually been into nutrition. Never mind what I've said for 35 years - he has a "professional" now to tell him what to eat. (At least that Masters Degree hasn't gone wasted on my patients, I say silently in my head. Not sure what our he thinks our dietitian daughter went to school for. Or the athletic trainer son). He has forsaken the Gummi Bears, Twizzlers, and Sundrop. Who would have ever thunk? This is the guy who trained for 9 marathons on pure sugar. Perhaps it's that birthday creeping up. Or the fact that now that he's tried eating whole, raw, and nutty, he feels a heck of a lot better.

One of his favorite treats has always been my Mamaspecialpowerbars (what else are you going to call a recipe you've tweaked for 10 years)? They are perfect for long bike rides. I'm talking summer bike rides, when it's not -20 degrees, and I always pack them on trips because they travel so easy and keep for several days lost in the bottom of a computer bag.

If anyone has a legitimate substitute for the marshmallows, let me in on your secret. It's the only ingredient I don't like in this recipe, but the others cancel them out, right? I've tried honey and agave nectar, but they don't stick together very well.

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MamaSpecialPower Bars

4 cups miniature marshmallows
2/3 cup fresh ground peanut butter
2 Tablespoons canola oil margarine
2 cups brown rice krispies (I use Barbara's Brown Rice Crisps)
2 cups granola (my fav is "honey gone nuts")
2/3 cup rough chopped almonds -- toasted
2/3 cup ground flax seed (I use a mixture of gold and brown)
handful of craisins or dried blueberries

Put first 3 ingredients in a large mixing bowl, microwave on high for 1 minute, stirring every 15 seconds, until melted and smooth. Mix the remaining ingredients in another bowl. Add rice krispie mixture to marshmallow mixture, stirring quickly to combine ingredients. Flax seed will go to the bottom of the bowl and stick in the marshmallow, so scrape bowl quickly with a large metal spoon coated with canola oil. Put a little margarine on your fingers and mix by hand if necessary.

Put the mixture in a 9 X 13 pan that has been lightly coated with canola oil (I use a sprayer). Push down firmly so mixture is uniform in the pan. (I use a piece of waxed paper and smash down with brick.) Let mixture cool, cut into 16 pieces, bag or wrap individually, and freeze.

Makes 16 bars. Hide them. Don't tell the kids they're in the freezer. They will go quickly.
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katdish said...

Are you trying to make me feel guilty, or do you actually eat that healthy? Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a Chick-fil-a bacon, chicken, egg and cheese biscuit calling my name. (Actually, all that stuff in on a bagal. Clearly, I am making wise food choices.) Has Ron Burgandy tried the cherry twizzlers? They're delightful, especially with a diet coke.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

@katdish, sadly, yes, I do eat that healthy. I'd take an artichoke over a cream puff any day. And I've never eaten at Chick-fil-a. The thought of biting into a blood vessel frightens me, but I do eat meat now and again. I know, call me weird. I like crunch and texture. No guilt, please. It's a useless emotion. And RB would NEVER drink diet pop - only the real stuff :)

Beth E. said...

Sounds delicious! I do have a question, though...where do you buy brown rice krispies and honey gone nuts granola? Never seen them in my neck of the woods.

Ron Burgundy should pat himself on the back for a job well done! I find it amazing, though, that our hubbies will completely ignore our suggestions/advice, but when someone else says the same thing they act like it's the most wonderful idea they've ever heard! lol

brandiandboys said...

LOVE this one. i'm definitely trying it on my boys! i need an alternative to those sugar filled granola bars! :)

sherri said...

SOunds yummy!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

@Beth I get the Honey Gone Nuts granola in the bulk bin at the health food store. The Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps are there, too – but in a box in the cereal aisle. You can use any granola and rice krispies, but I like those the best.

Elaine said...

These look so yummy. Obviously we do not do the nuts, however, I have been trying to come up with our own cereal bar also. I had the same delimna with the marshmellows. If you find anything that works please let me know.

Alix said...

Yeah, but where are the Fritos?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

@Alix Probably in the back of Ron Burgundy's truck. Better go check.

Beth E. said...

Holding off on the Theracane right now...it's priced a little out of my budget...but I have bookmarked it in case I need to go ahead and get one! :o)

Annie K said...

Hmmmm.... that sounds pretty darn good - me being on my health kick and all.

I actually started making smoothies every morning. 1 banana, some mixed fruit (I buy the frozen mixed fruit bag from Costco...strawberries, blueberries, peaches, honeydew, pineapple), Dole mixed juice, REAL yogurt and some vanilla soy milk. (They have no idea I use soy milk). My stepson is now addicted to those. He's making them after school and before bed. Better than junk I say! Just call me the smoothie queen and I get satisfaction knowing my kids are getting the good stuff!

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