Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Kurt Warner and I have in common

With all the Super Bowl hype, and my obvious favoritism for Kurt Warner, I realized we have an awful lot in common. OK, that's a stretch. I sound like a groupie (I am). But whenever a good Christian Iowa boy who used to work at my favorite grocery store hits the Super Bowl, ya just gotta give him a shout out in a blog that's read by hundreds tens a handful of readers.

  1. We both hail from Eastern Iowa.
  2. We both put faith and family first. But our jobs take us away from family more than we like.
  3. We both have children of whom we are very proud.
  4. We love our spouses unconditionally.
  5. We are both great quarterbacks. You don't think so? I'm a kitchen quarterback, however. Just give me some space and I'll spiral a baguette your way.
  6. We both have whiskers.
  7. We both graduated from UNI - he left just before I started my Master's program. (If this makes me sound young, alas, I was one of those non-traditional students and the oldest one in my program).
  8. We share the belief that with God, all things are possible.
  9. We probably both wear the same size shoes.

You may think you share a lot of the same traits. Come join the club. I'm claiming Kurt and the Cardinals this weekend as big winners. And if they don't win, Kurt will still be my BFF. Watch why.

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Beth in NC said...

LOL ... the whisker comment! You are too funny.

Have a wonderful Saturday Candy!

sherri said...

I love him too!

Glad you got rid of the whiskers...I'm just sayin'.

Hey, I have a new food blog I would love you to contribute to!


gitz said...

:) I've rooted for the Steelers and the Cardinals all season and now I have to chose between them...

but Kurt made that an easy choice :)

Sit A Spell said...

What a great post! Guess my prayers will be for you BFF to win! Y'all have sooo much in common...that's so amazing ; ) Enjoy the game.

Beth E. said...

#6 and #9...hahaha! You're a hoot! I feel it necessary to let you know that hubby Bill is a biiiiiig Steeler's fan! So you know who he'll be rootin' for tomorrow. I'm not big on football so it truly doesn't matter to me. Our church always has a Super Bowl party. I simply go for the fellowship...oh, and the message at halftime! :o)

Beth in NC said...

OH my goodness! Your comment on my blog just made me laugh out loud!!!! I love your pattern on here. A skirt? lol! I will definitely put your name in the bowl -- THREE TIMES. Woo hoo!

I wish I could give one to all of my friends!


Elaine said...

We are with you on this one.

-stephanie- said...

I'll be cheering with you. BTW His sleeve cuffs and inside of his shirt collar match your bows on your blog, so you can add that to your list of what you have in common. Enjoy the game.

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