Friday, May 16, 2008

Hannah - and I don't mean Montana...

I listened to a great podcast sermon tonight as I exercised (or if I'm honest with myself - rehabbed) - Pastor Caroline on Mother's Day. She told of Hannah in a clear, poignant way that I was able to really embrace. And it simply reflected life - how everything and everyone belongs to God. It was a great "mom" talk, but also for daughters, beloved Gmas, and really anyone. It ended with a beautiful prayer as only Caroline can do, and a funny, uplifting song. Good thing, or I'd have been in tears all the way home from the gym. Some people just inspire the tears right out of me. It was the only way to end a week that was far from normal, far from fulfilling, and far from pleasant. But listening to God's word is the only way to end (or begin,... or sustain) any week.
Tea tonight: Earl Grey Green