Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rising from Destruction

My heart and prayers go out to the hundreds, no thousands, of people whose lives were torn apart, turned upside down, and tossed as many as 150 miles away by an F-5 tornado on Sunday, just 20 miles away from us. The pictures and stories of survival that are emerging are simply amazing. I'm sure many of these people are wondering WHY?, while many of them just forge ahead and do what needs to be done. Homes and trees that flourshed for decades were stripped from the land, leaving piles of matchsticks and sheer destruction. To those who have lost everything, I say, have faith in God who has given you the strength to rebuild, to carry on. May 25, 2008 was planned by Him long before you were on this earth. He will be there with you as you forge ahead - more resilient and hopefully more faithful than ever.
Matthew 6:25-34

Tea tonight: Imperial Dragonwell Lung Ching

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sherri said...

Wow. Hard to believe that anyone survives such destruction.

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