Monday, May 19, 2008

My favorite 'room in the house...

...but it won't be here long :-( It's morel mushroom time and the crop is beautiful! Mom brought me two big bags from her hunting expedition. We did the traditional "fry 'em up" this weekend, but tonight I had a wonderful morel cream sauce with wine over my tilapia. Yes, it's possible to make a healthy "cream" sauce with skim milk. You just have to be creative, patient, and know when to stop (eating). It was tough tonight, but since I was dining alone I only made enough for me.

When I'm 83, I still want to be able to hunt mushrooms. I still won't know how, I just want to be able to. That, and a thousand other things. Kudos to my mom for keeping on keeping on.
Tea tonight: China Green Tips