Sunday, May 11, 2008

So many prayers, so few answers...

Lots of emotions were flurrying in my head this weekend, and that wasn't my plan. I wanted an empty, calm head. A strong, relaxed back. A sound, long night's sleep. That was my plan, but not His plan. Like we can really make plans. Someone once told me that if you don't believe God has a sense of humor, just try making your own plans. For a day, for your life, for your family, for your friends - don't even waste your time stewing about whether yours is happening. Our challenge is to trust His plans and know they are better for us than we can plan for ourselves. As long as we make choices that bring us closer to Him (free will is scary sometimes, right Bruce?), we can still make an attempt. So many derailments this weekend that sabotaged my alleged plan. Dis-ease. A heart-wrenching video at church Saturday, watched in solitude. (Was I the only one crying? I didn't look around to see, but I doubt it). Sad news about a church friend today. Judy, I have prayed for you for many months now. And Stuart, you're the newest addition to my prayer list tonight. Add to that my kiddos and my husband and of course, on this special day, my own mother, and it's no wonder I'm up all night asking Him to make the Plan clear. Like that's going to happen. I can still ask, can't I? The intent is that I trust Him that His plan is better, faith will get me up in the morning and His grace will see me through one more day. One at a time. It's worked for me for almost 57 years - and a lot longer than that for others. 3 John 1:4
Tea tonight: Green with strawberries