Wednesday, June 4, 2008

11:1 - over. and over.

It's been a dry spell on the treadmill, bike trail, and even the streets. If it's not pouring down rain and 35 mph winds, the treadmills are full when I get to the gym and I don't get my fix. Let me clarify "fix." On the trails, it's my "new favs" playlist on my iPod. On the street, it's a sermon on my iPod - Pastor Mike, Justin, Pastor John - they all make me feel safe out there in the dark. But in the gym, my fix is 11:11, 1.11, get the picture. No matter what I'm listening to on the mill or EFX, no matter how focused I may be on "According to Jim" or my iPod, or even the 6:oo news (that would be channel 11 on cable - honest!), my eyes always glance down and every single time, no less than two, and sometimes 4 LED displays will give me those elevens throughout my workout. Minutes. Calories. Distance. METs. It's uncanny. I used to ask what it meant, but now I know. It's just the Holy Spirit talking to me, telling me "All Will be Well." Sometimes I purposely cover up the display, and will see elevens on the clock, or even on the machine next to me. Those Godwinks don't surprise me any more - they just bring peace. They remind me to keep the faith, live in service, and that God's grace is mine. And tonight, at 111.1 calories, I took a drink. Boy, did I. From the Cup. So as I'm writing this, I get this picture in an email from KT. Not an accident, this was an
::on purpose::
from above. If you can't read it, it's Hebrews 11:1. Go figure. God rocks.
How about you - have you been paying attention to your subtle visits from God?

Tea tonight: Green with dried strawberries

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jeanne girl said...

I see 2's all the time. Never thought it mean't anything until I read this. Now you've got me thinking, but then you always get me thinking :)

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