Sunday, June 1, 2008

On Being Prepared: She Runs! She Shines!

My baby girl ran her first 20K on Saturday. She was trained, as prepared as she could have been, and all prayed for. "Run the race, finish the course..." More about life than a 20K, but it worked. She was all nervous and excited and really didn't know what to expect but whoa, she did me proud! After getting lost all around Des Moines (in the exact area we had driven the night before) I finally found a "No Parking on Saturday" sign so knew I was in the right place to get a video shot. The water stop volunteers told me they thought it was about the 8 mile mark, but they really didn't know. It was really the place I'd hoped to be, and how I ended up there was nothing short of an act of God. The compass on my car and the map in my hand did me no good whatsoever. But the only person who needed to know where to go was KT - and that was simply one foot in front of the other and on the heels of the person ahead of her...with her eyes on the Prize. She finished in fine form, still sweating (hooray!) and with a satisfied look like she'd just won the whole thing. I miss that smile. I don't get to see it very often any more. She even finished ahead of one of her "Three's Company" roommates, who had over-carbed and super-fueled so much that his liver was working harder than a 12-shot night. Kudos to KT for reaching a goal and setting another - all in the same 24 hour period. With the best Coach she could have. Next stop, Sturgis Falls, then on to Chicago, glycogen storage and synthesis permitting.
It's all about the liver function and the mitochondria. Hope she feeds them both well. O 2 B 29. again....and to know what I know now.
Tea tonight: Harney and Sons green with citrus