Saturday, June 21, 2008

At last...the Bike Ride

Wasn't sure I'd have the energy or gumption get my bike out of the basement this summer. With the trails covered with flood waters, then the debris left when they receded, it was with a bit of trepidation that I ventured out on the trail to downtown Waterloo today. My better half accompanied me (this time he wore the biking gloves right side out), and other than the occasional brisk head wind, the more frequent gust from the north that nearly threw me in the brush, and the random burst of flood stench, it really was a delightful ride. That's because there was a lot of "Bunny Park" smell - that enchanting odor from my childhood that one can only find in a deeply wooded paradise that takes me back to Green Lake camping days, Keds, and the simpler life. Bunny Park = God's Country. Ahhh. My childhood friend Dan would understand. But what a shock to ride across the still-raging Cedar River, seeing the collapsed railroad bridge with my own eyes, and the trash-littered landscape all the way into downtown.

I'll ride again tomorrow. For a few months, I forgot how free and airborne one can feel. But I'm once again hooked, and I can't wait to hit another trail. This time I'll remember the mosquito repellant.
Tea tonight: Zhena's Gypsy Lemon Jasmine