Friday, June 6, 2008

Rising from Destruction, Part 2

My friend Beth stopped by to see me at work today with her two beautiful daughters. Laughing, giggling, Beth looking tanned and rested, her blue eyes as huge and awesome as ever, one would never know she and her family had lost everything in the tornado last week. Well, everything except each other. Her calm was astounding to me - "It is what it is" she shrugged, as she told me of the love and outpouring that they have received from friends, family, and community. "We never found Jenna's dresser..." "The neighbor's car was blown right through our house..." She was so matter-of-fact, it just stunned me. I asked about her wedding rings she had lost; she had left them on her dresser when they left for the weekend. FOUND! After sifting through piles of insulation and debris with gloves, one handful at a time, she found them. I got goosebumps. As she told me of the kindnesses extended by her priest and friends, I was the one crying (?). Truly she has turned this whole thing over to God. She is noticibly humbled and grateful and at peace. It shows. But with her family intact, I guess she has reason to be. God bless you, friend. I'm so glad you're safe. I miss seeing you often and we never got around to discussing it, but yes, I still pick the blood vessels out of my meat and I think about Country Fried Steak every payday Thursday.
Oh no, You never let true.
Tea tonight: Sweet Sakura

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