Friday, July 18, 2008

Stinkin' research

Rather than post on two things that are weighing on my mind this evening, neither is an option that calls for the semi-permanent, "I'll probably regret this" post. Because I hate conflict. In my head, in my relationships, and in my heart. But I can handle an "agree to disagree" conversation about something dear to my heart - shoddy research reported by the media as NEWS. I have a lot of respect for fair news based on sound journalistic principles (after all, it's put food on my table for nearly 35 years), but you certainly don't see that when a news organization tries to glean details from a poorly designed and obviously biased "scientific" study and turns it in to the be-all, end-all of the days news. And a slow news day only makes it worse. Where's a hurricane when you need it?

Here's a perfect example: Atkins-Like Diet Beats Others In Study. Shame on you, NEJM! How did this one get through a respectable editorial board?

I hope all of you pork-rind, bacon and Sausage McMuffin (sans the muffin) lovers don't start nanner-nannering me about the results. I am not impressed in the least with 322 people losing an average of 20 pounds over two years while in an isolated Israelan nuclear research facility and using self-reported data. That's less than a pound a month! Did I mention this study was funded by the Atkins Foundation? The "Atkins-like" group was encouraged to choose vegetarian sources of fat and protein. Huh?? Where's the Atkins in that?? Here's the skinny that hasn't changed since Adam and Eve (at least they chose the apple over the pig who was surely in the Garden of Eden, hiding from the serpent): Eat less calories than you use, and you will lose weight. A calorie is a calorie. No exceptions. Atkins, Schmatkins. So eat some whole, unprocessed foods for all things good, holy, and healthy, push yourself away from the table the way the Japanese do - when you're 80% full - and start moving. It's not rocket science. "Research" like this really gets in my craw. Let common sense prevail, my friends. Now go grab an apple instead of one of those stupid 100 calorie snack packs (this is where Atkins and I agree), and see if you can get those 20 pounds off in less than 2 years and improve your lipid profile with a little functional food.

The sermon tomorrow evening is on "Fasting: Hungry for God." I can't wait - published in a Best Seller, will make perfect sense, and will surely lighten my heart. Heavy hearts aren't healthy.
Tea tonight: Jasmine