Sunday, July 20, 2008

Went to a Garden Party.... reminisce with my old friends
A chance to share old memories
and play our songs again...
that's Ricky Nelson for you young 'uns who may never know real music

Glorious day today. My grapefruit was perfect - a creation so beautiful it almost defied segmenting. Tea was perfectly steeped (thank you, Brita). Bread toasted just beyond gold. The milled flax seed mixed easily with the almost-too-soft peanut butter, but Lucky has a much easier time licking the knife when it's soft, so he was particularly happy. He even got an extra helping. 9:00 church was a contemplative worship - a toned-down sermon on prayer, but the usual tear-provoking music. Then KT, R, and I went to PLC together, which is how I love church. Together. Relevant. Inspiring. Funny. Raw. Rockin'. Did I say inspiring? Made old connections in a new way with a couple people I haven't seen for a while, or know from somewhere else. I love how we are all connected by something - the "Five People" concept. Same thing at a Garden Party this afternoon - old friends (and some really old friends), fast friends, people seemingly resurrected from a past I had temporarily forgotten. Today was definitely a relationship day. And it's really a good day when someone thinks you are your daughter's sister (better for me than her, but I needed the boost more).

Have some thinking and praying to do this week - homework of sorts. Transitions are good for all of us, particularly if they don't blindside you and it's on your terms. I'm ready.
Bring. It. On.
Tea today: Young Hyson