Friday, November 21, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday

Slip over to Conversion Diary for the inspiration of my Friday ramblings.

Strawberry pretzel salad for Thanksgiving dinner is always my assignment. It is not a salad. It is a sugary and gross dessert. But for all things good and holy (read: family peace) I will make it. Ughh.

And a two.
My co-workers are the bomb. I'd never get staycation without their hard work and insistence that I leave. I'm taking that as either 1) compassion or 2) recognition of burnout.

And a three.
Say a prayer for my kids this weekend. I'll spare the details. Just pray, please? Amen.

And a four.
Conan replacing Leno is like....just not right. I predict ratings will plummet. They will at my house.

And a five.
I came this close to stopping and buying french fries (just small ones!) on my way home from work today. I haven't had a grease craving forever and can't even remember the last time I bought fries. Settled for a diet pop and came home for wheat berry salad. So glad I did!
***Update*** Godwink to MckMama! She's having another contest so stop by her awesome blog!

And a six.
Jerry Bridges will keep me awake tonight - even though I'm exhausted. Ron Burgundy isn't home, so I won't be sleeping, or sleeping fitfully at best. Thanks Jerry. And God, for Your Word.

And a seven.
The turducken has to be the most disgusting food item ever created. Cooks on crack? Until I saw one of these, I thought the running gears in a single turkey leg were gross. I seriously don't think this was God's intent when he had Noah load up that ark. For all things good and holy, get a tofurkey.

Why to my "good and holy references" always refer to food?

Tea tonight: Harney & Sons green with citrus


Anonymous said...

hah hah! oh my word i love it!!!! i will pray for your kids too.

Elaine said...

I am loving this post... I am with you on the Conan front, I can't watch him now, don't think that is going to change. Small fry, so very ironic, loved the wink.

I will be praying this weekend for the kids and your rest tonight. I am the same way, I have a hard time sleeping when the Mr. is gone.

Just had a cup of warm milk tonight, going to pray...


Beth E. said...

Saying a prayer right now for your kids. Whatever the problem, God is able.

You spoke of your "good and holy references" always referring to food...MOST of my childhood memories involve food! Pretty sad, huh?

I agree with you...strawberry pretzel salad IS gross. :-p

Becky B said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Cakewrecks about Turducken and had to see your blog. Very cute, and the Turducken makes me think of football, which is always on at my house! :) Have a great day!

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