Friday, November 28, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday

Click on over to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for my 7 Quick Takes inspiration ala Mr. Linky.

Praise the Lord! I found a redeeming quality of that horrible Strawberry Pretzel Salad I'm obliged to make every holiday - I get to use my offset spatula! I love that thing! (But I still hate the salad).

And a two.
Made 6 soups in 4 days this week. My name is CJJ16, and I'm a soupaholic. I live in Iowa. It's winter. 'Nuf said. Whipped up some great combinations, including the butternut squash soup that I forgot about but was reminded when someone dear to me bought it at a restaurant. I think the entire batch cost me less than $2.00 AND I got to use another of my favorite gadgets - my immersion blender. Brrruuummm. Brrruuummmm. Used lots of other fun stuff this week like wheat berries, cous cous, quinoa, brown basmati, and multiple kinds of beans.

And a three.
I dragged out the old Kirby this week to vacuum the basement. It's been on loan and bagless for a while, and I only need it for downstairs. While unwrapping the cord, I swear I heard my youngest say "Tirby too loud, Mom!" But not possible. He's no longer 3 (he's 28), and no longer lives here :( But I heard him say it; I really did. And it was perfectly blissful nostalgia. Until I turned it on and my cat went postal on me.

And a four.
Psalm 51 rocked both Ron Burgundy and me this week. I've read it at least 4 times after listening to Pastor John give an awesome prayer message about it last week. Go for it. It's worth the listen. Or you can find it in iTunes.

And a five.
I'm feeling very cheap. One of my favorite bloggers wrote about how "Christians Are The Worst Tippers Ever" this week and I felt convicted and determined to be more generous starting today. I've always tipped according to etiquette (I thought) but stopped there out of frugality (read: stinginess). Ron Burgundy, however, is one of those very generous ones, tipping the less-than-stellar servers simply because that's who he is. Generous, almost to a fault. One of the blog comments particularly struck a chord with me..."Frugality is not a fruit of the Spirit." Can I get an Amen?

And a six
Gma has Thanksgiving dinner "for the last time." This is the 3rd year she's had it "for the last time." What do you want to bet we'll be back next year (hopefully), Strawberry Pretzel Salad in tow (hopefully not).

And a seven.
Harold is tucked in the corner of our bedroom for the winter, basking by the bay window, and happy as a clam. Chuckie and Sam, however, didn't make it. Chuckie never got past the seedling stage, and Sam just got too old, straggly, and listless by summer's end. Hopefully I don't get taken to the compost pile when the family notices I've become the same way.
Tea today: Tazo Zen


meili_lo said...

hi there.
thanks so much for sharing your thoughts & trying twice the word verification :) because of ur feedback, i decided to take out the blog verification :o)

God Bless!

Beth E. said...

What kind of immersion blender do you have? Mine is yeeeeears old, groaning a little, and may need to be replaced soon. I'm looking for ideas.

Oh, and yummmmm...I love soup! I could eat it every single day. My guys wouldn't appreciate that very much, though. They've think soup's a side dish! :o)

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