Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm so humbled.....

I was in a small discussion group about "impatience and irritability" at my Bible study tonight, and one of the participants was a young college woman, recently engaged, finding her way in her walk with God and this whole marriage thing that is looming ahead. She's a beautiful young lady, and we engaged in a lot of "off the subject" conversations during our assignment, finding we have a lot in common (other than impatience and irritability!) such as biking and eating "nuts and twigs."

Afterwards she approached me shyly and asked me if I would consider being a mentor to her - she wants to learn more about how life will go on from here as a Christian woman, a wife, a student, and eventually a mother. I was truly honored - I'm certainly not an expert in any of those areas, but I've been there, done that, and have the scars to prove it.

I couldn't help but admire her desires and curiosity about what lies ahead for her. She's wise beyond her years. She's taking nothing for granted, taking life very seriously, and definitely a woman on a mission. She's an admitted "Recovering Type A" but her kindness and candor tell me she's open to God's best for her.

I'm excited to meet with her again. I have no idea how to mentor anyone, other than just be me and see what God has planned for both of us. Thank you, A, for honoring me with this request. You were a gift from God today, and truthfully, I'm sure I'll learn as much if not more from you.

Tea tonight: Green with kiwi pear


4under3 said...

Candy!!! Look at your fabulous fall decor over here!

Did you know that you posted over at MckMama's..RIGHT AFTER ME??

I'm glad you liked your salad. I mean, who really wouldn't!


Tana said...

Your post reminds me of myself. Being a young newly wed (2 years :)) and going to school along with being a wife, praising the Lord and everything else this busy life entails, I would love a mentor like you!!! Aw so sweet of you. However I am a mentor at a church I recently joined in my new neighborhood, it is for a young girl in confirmation. How exciting. Have a nice day. I got here from Tiffs blog. We went to the same school...

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