Monday, November 10, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

I did not lose a package of frozen salmon when taking it from one freezer to the next. Nope. I cleaned out the deep freeze in the garage and the freezer in the kitchen, trying to get all the foodstuffs organized. I decided I was "salmoned out" and would put the package in the freezer in the garage. A day later, I decided I was "salmoned in" again, and do you think I could find it??? I even went through the garbage! Well another day later, I did not find it in the closet in the laundry room. Now who would do something like that???

I did not clean & sort 9 pomegranates this week, carefully bagging the perfect garnet jewels in ziplock bags to keep each one separate. I also didn't make 4 different recipes using pomegranates, then proceed to eat the remainder of the fruit like it was my job, leaving me with only one small bag for this week. Thank goodness I'm the only one here who likes them.

I did not throw away tons of junk from my kids' rooms this weekend. Useless stuff that has been here for 10+ years and nobody wants. Empty CD cases, clothes, school papers, unrecognizible pictures of peoples backs. Nope, not "gettin' up a load to go." Not me!

I did not feel pulled by God to say a special prayer for MckMama last night. A special, special prayer. Just because I could and because she deserved it and I know how God rolls....and answers.

Tea today: Bigelow green with pomegranate (sense a theme here?)


Elaine said...

The prayers were flying around here last night too. I have found things in cupboard before that belonged in the fridge. Too funny, I laughed and related.

Jill said...

Love your salmon story! The other day I lost a loaf of bread in the same manner. I found it hours the microwave!
Great Not Me's!

Beth E. said...

Hopped over from MckMama's to check out your "Not Me's." They're great! The salmon denial is a hoot. :o)

Mom To Six said...

I was cracking up at you putting the salmon in the closet. Something I definitely would NOT do....heh!


Liz said...

Salmon in the closet - that's an interesting place for it...I guess if the freezer's full!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

yummo on the pomegranites. i want some too! and, for what it's was totally your job to eat the rest!

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