Monday, November 17, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

I did not drive Ron Burgundy's truck all day Saturday to run errands and go to the gym, because he did not take my car to Iowa City. To do so would have required gas, a step ladder, a haz-mat suit, a N-95 respirator, serious post-driving decontamination, a tetanus shot, and PTSD therapy. "Not me!" Monday is my therapy. Thanks, MckMama! I am not annoyed by the fact that while idling in said truck, my bum shakes. Yeah, it's that bad (both the bum and the truck). Caveat: this poor excuse of a vehicle does not define the loving, kind, and gentle man who drives it. And it's not the hill I want to die on.

I did not mutter and get downright angry at the W**mart corporation yesterday when looking for a pet hair remover refill - you know, the ones that are like a giant roll of masking tape only backwards? I had 5 different handles at home and none of the refills in the stores fit them. But voila! They can sell you a NEW AND IMPROVED one (so now I need to buy yet another handle) with the "new and improved" refills hanging right next to them. I was not suckered into buying one, plus refills (black dog, white cat, need I say more?) then came home and tossed angrily chucked every other one I had in the trash. It's a conspiracy. And if my dog wasn't dying, I might not be so upset about it.

I do not get utterly confused jumping from blog to blog with buttons and gadgets and give-aways and contests and finding that all of these wonderful friends that I've met are also friends with each other and are also Facebook Facecrack friends and I can't remember where I've been and if I'm even posting what I want to say on the right blog (whew)! Not me. (Who did you say you were, and are you the one who emailed me about my dog and my dad? Please be patient with me, I'm old).

I did not have some deep tearful prayers for friends and family last week. I did not want them to feel God's presence in the midst of the storm, and to understand that He doesn't always calm the storm, but He does calm His children in the storm. He's looking for them. I hope they find Him. These words hit me hard in church Saturday and I did not cry (from Came to My Rescue):

I called....You answered...And you came to my rescue...And I want to be where You are

I was not blown away by the number of hurting people out there who responded when MckMama offered to pray for them. It didn't break my heart to see how much hurt, angst, and need there is in our broken world. I did not post one myself, and upon hitting the "publish post" button, feel a peace over me that this, too, is going to be ok, but only through the power of so many people praying to our loving God, even though He knows what we need. He just wants us to talk to Him.

and on a lighter note...

I did not take my screens down on all 25 windows. It's only NOVEMBER!! What was I thinking? WoO hOo!

Tea today: Yogi green with triple echinacea


Mom To Six said...

I, too, was overwhelmed at the amount of prayer request that MckMama received. Bless her heart. I pray that the Lord hear and answer each one, if it is His will.

I also had a chuckle when I read your confusion about what blog you posted on and which ones you didn't. I follow so many (and love 'em all) that I get totally confused at times as to who is who.



Beth E. said...

I, too, get confused by all of the blogs! Someone gave me an award over the weekend, but I can't remember now who it was so I can post it on my blog!!!

Oh, and I've had the same problem with the pet hair removers! Totally frustrating.

Wanna know what's really sad? My bum shakes even when it's NOT in a truck!!! lol

Great Not Me posts!


Elaine said...

Oh man, I don't like when I get stuck with the hubbies truck...

And I hear you about all the pain out there.

Isn't amazing how God has thrown us all together from blogging.. Such great opportunities to be in prayer for each other, I love it.

Beth E. said...'re not likely to see a picture of the toilet seat cover incident!!! Contrary to popular belief in my household, I do not take pictures of EVERYTHING! :oD

BTW, I had to drive Bill's truck for two days last week. Just getting IN it was an adventure....oh, the joy of short legs! hehe

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