Monday, November 3, 2008

"Not me! Monday

I did not praise God with all my heart and do not remain in awe of His wonder as MckMama gave birth to a healthy baby week after being told earlier in her pregnancy that "certainly he will die." I did not repeat "God is Good!" a hundred times since he was born!

I did not chuckle as I walked past the clock in my stairwell (as I have for the past 6 months now), knowing I didn't have to bother to reset it for daylight savings time. I didn't do the "spring forward" last spring. Only a slacker would do something so stupid on a clock so visible. And while I'm on the subject of clocks, the bedroom clock is not 45 minutes fast, the kitchen clock is not 10 minutes fast, and my car clock is not 15 minutes fast, because I am always on time where ever I go. If I used the clock on my cell phone, I would seriously never be anywhere on time ~~~~~ which I am. Uh huh.

I absolutely did not pick the woman named Candy for my accountability partner in Bible study this week because I was so tired, I was afraid I wouldn't remember anyone elses name!

I did not spend an entire day (or three) of my staycation doing absolutely nothing other than staring at and cuddling my dog Lucky and updating his Doggyspace page. I did not grieve, knowing he will be going to the Rainbow Bridge sooner than later. Our friends on Doggyspace do not think I'm nuts like the friends who read my blog do.

I did not (along with Ron Burgundy) win the TRIFECTA this weekend! Holy, Holy Trifecta! Three church services is all one needs for a perfect fall weekend. We attended church with our beautiful daughter at Lutheran Church of Hope (thank you, Pastor Scott for teaching about healing and recovery) on Saturday evening, went to early service at Prairie Lakes Sunday (Pastor John, I know how to pray finally!), then to St. Tim's Sunday at 11. I am not churched. Nope, not me. Wow, it feels great.

I did not make white chocolate macadamia nut cookies to take to my baby's last football game tailgate. The last time I made cookies was at least 12 years ago. I am not a different person now. But it was for my baby (who needs to return to a 34-inch waist and will do so when the cookies are gone, I hope, for the sake of his heart). I also did not dump the remainder of the Halloween candy with him. Surely he will share it with some of his athletes who need the calories...

Tea today: Green with wildflowers and citrus


heidi said...

HA! The clock thing is FUNNY! All of my clocks are set fast and it drives my husband BATTY.

Liz said...

I love that all of your clocks are different!! My mother does that for my perpetually late husband!!

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I really do understand the bond and the heart break!!

I am linking up all the Not Me's that I am directed to (or I find through others) so that we can all share in each other's not me's without Mr Linky. I am adding you to the list on my blog - I hope you don't mind.

-stephanie- said...

awwww, Lucky is lucky to have you to cuddle with him.

I could very easily remember a name like Candy. (of which I am NOT eating any of after Halloween)

Jill said...

HAHA! I can sooooo relate to not setting clocks due to DST. I never touch the one in my car, and it always takes me a couple of days to adjust when the time is actually right!

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