Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Oh, I had so many plans for this "staycation." A few of them got accomplished - the insignificant ones. I wonder if you can guess from my list what I did. I say "did" because its all over now. And that 2 weeks was simply a blur. I was decompressing from several months of poor sleep, environmental frustrations (aka dirty, cluttered, in-need-of-repair-and-updating house), 12-14 hour work days, no time with friends or family, and barely enough time to sit on the pity pot because of it. So here was my "to do" list.
  • Read 3 books I've had in the "hopper"
  • Strip the wallpaper from the dining room and paint
  • Gather clothes for Goodwill and take them in
  • Fall pond and yard clean-up
  • Scrub the floors
  • De-cobweb - all the way up the 19 ft ceilings
  • Start my "Read the Bible in a Year" project
  • Bring in Sam and Harold for the winter
  • Exercise every day (get tennis shoes out of Goodwill bag first)
  • Have lunch with several people I've put off for a long, long time
  • Find some bargain clothes so I don't stare at the same rags every morning, some which my daughter wore in junior high
  • Shop in Des Moines for a Mother of the Groom dress
  • Bond with my puppy who is nearing the Rainbow Bridge
  • Take my screens down
  • Get all the broken window shades fixed
  • Clean out and organize the deep freeze
  • Cook and freeze lunches for the next few weeks
  • Get the rental house rented
  • Wash all the sheets on the kids' beds and clean their rooms for the next visit
  • Search and gather items for consignment
  • Help with the "Honey Do" list that has been ongoing for 11 years

We Plan, God Laughs (great book!)

Tea tonight: Good Earth green with lemongrass


Elaine said...

I've had a running list for way too long...

I am enjoying a cup of tea with you tonight in spirit...

Have a blessed day tomorrow.

beth said...

You did the wallpaper? What color did you decide to paint it?

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