Thursday, November 6, 2008


I love Fall. The crispy leaves underfoot, gathering in favorite corners, even the smell of them burning waxes nostalgia in my heart. The fall-scented air is so refreshing and there's even something great about the its coldness burning my lungs. Yeah, those things are all beautiful, but nothing compared to the real reason God created Fall....

Pomegranate season!

I hoard them. I buy them by the case. I cook with them. I eat them like popcorn. Salads. Muffins. Sauces. Martinis. They are not simply a food, they are a gustatory experience for anyone, foodie or not. Everyone should partake in the opening, separating and of course the delightful explosion of flavor in your mouth. (No fair if you make someone else open them and then you eat them all). If you ever doubted for a brief second whether intelligent design exists, cut open a pomegranate. They are the most perfectly designed food ever created - nutritionally and visually articulate in every way.

Gotta run - just bought a sack full ready to open!

Tea tonight: Green with pomegranate (who knew?)


Liz said...

I haven't had pomegranates in ages and now you are making me want some!! YUMM!! I might just have to get some when I go to the store tomorrow.

Elaine said...

I love them.... Oh it reminds me so much of growing up.. My Grandparents had a hugh tree and there was plenty to go around... The kids in the neighborhood would always try to come and steele them... Yummy, love jelly made out of them too. Thanks for sharing that..

Beth E. said...

I have NEVER had a pomegranate!

Beth E. said...

I will definitely look for some and give them a try...we live in a very small town, so I'm not sure what brands of pomegranates will be available. I'll let you know when I try one, though! :o)

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