Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a Voter; Shouldn't You Be a Voter, Too?

I voted today, and for all reasons good and holy (read: I hate confrontation) I'm not sayin' who got my vote. The best thing about waking up tomorrow, since I'm NOT staying up to watch any results....

God will be exactly the same.

I vote for that.

Tea today: Dragonwell long-jing

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Nicole said...

Hi Candy, thanks for leaving a comment. I know that mottled skin and especially the color in his arms can indicate heart issues. I guess I just wanted to mention it in case she hadn't realized it or didn't know it was something to be watchful for. I'm sure she does but I still felt responsible to at least say something. I'd feel bad if it were something serious and I didn't say anything.

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