Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Post


Angie has removed the post I referred to below. Suffice it to say it was beautiful, poignant, and heartfelt. That being said, her challenge was for us to give thanks for something in our life that we really aren't too happy to have, as God has commanded us to be thankful in all things. The link below will now take you to Angie's main blog page.


It was all going through my mind this morning as I awoke in the dark. Deep, cold dark. I wanted to write an awesome Thanksgiving post about all the things in my life that I am grateful to God for giving me. Because I am so very grateful. Ron Burgundy. Kids. Home. Job. God's grace.

I grabbed my laptop, but made the mistake of going to my feed reader first.

Oh. My.

I could never do a Thanksgiving post that says it better than this. Thank you, Angie, for humbling yourself, for allowing us to see our true selves, and for blessing us with your exquisite writing. Your pain has brought us gain in God's grace. I pray you're feeling Him with you today.

And I accept your Thanksgiving challenge. With gratitude.

"The test of thankfulness is not what you have to be thankful for, but whether anyone else has reason to be thankful that you are here."

Tea today: Snow Water Green Cloud


Anonymous said...

Thanks for directing me to Angie's blog. I think I have a lot to learn! Some day I'll have you teach me all this stuff you do. I love how you call Ron "Ron Burgundy." That's hilarious. Have a great Thanksgiving, friend. U da best.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I hope that you and your family had a great day today..I am so thankful I have found friends like you through blogging.

I am off to read Angies post.. We had a wonderful day and my head needs to hit the pillow soon.



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